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Seven Ways To Revitalise Your Relationship With Your Woman

Has your relationship run out of steam? Do you wish to go back to the loving and excitement of your early times together?

Well, you can! The idea is to be different in a romantic way.

1) Unless your woman is very unusual, flowers make all the difference. Not just any flowers, red roses symbolize passion and romance. Bring a lovely bunch of roses and toss flower heads into a fragrantly scented bath for romantic bath time.

2) Share a shower and cover each other in slippery soap, use the opportunity to caress her body and admire it. Then rub your slippery body against hers to drive her wild.

3) Make time for a weekend break in the romantic cities of Amsterdam, New York or Paris. If the budget is tight, Brighton or other seaside resorts can be just as much fun.

4) Start really listening to your partner. A woman usually loves to talk and if you listen carefully you will learn a lot about her needs and desires. As a bonus, she will love you for listening.

5) Try to be happier in a spontaneous way. Many men have difficulty being spontaneous, but if you can prove to your partner that being in her company makes you happy she will respond and feel happier herself. Don’t make it elaborate. For instance while out for a walk, just suddenly grab her hand and start skipping or running.

6) Every woman likes to be complimented – not only on her appearance but also her manner or a particularly good meal she has made an effort to cook for you. Try anything you can think of that will boost her ego and give her confidence.

7) Show her you think about her pleasure – buy her a sex toy or some sexy lingerie, or if she likes role to play, a sexy outfit.

These seven ideas will help you make a great start. Of course, there are many other ways to revitalize a relationship.

Don’t Choker! Understanding the BDSM Collar

The BDSM collar is widely known but significantly less understood. It´s a symbolic necklace (or, more likely a choker) that represents the power dynamic in a BDSM relationship. The meaning behind the collar is different for different couples. For some, it is a symbol of their commitment to the BDSM lifestyle and as an indication of someone´s sub status in the BDSM community. For others, it signifies ownership and control.

The standard form is a black leather choker with an O or D shaped ring which allows you to attach a rope or some other restraint. These can even be replaced by day collars which are more discreet and usually made of gold or silver, thus allowing a sub to be collared 24/7 and removing the need to break the relationship.

The collar more generally represents the power exchange between a dom and his sub, and for this reason there is a very particular process involved. There are three main stages in this so-called collaring process:

Collar of Consideration

The easiest way to think about this first stage is to imagine this as a surface-level commitment, representing something quite similar to a promise ring. This first collar can be removed by the sub at any time, and is worn throughout the period of consideration.

Training Collar

The training collar is indicative of a relationship progressing past the period of consideration, and might be worn for up to one year thereafter.  Think of this collar as the engagement ring in our analogy, since the sub can ask her dom to remove the collar at any time. She should know though, that if she does ask her dom to remove the collar, there may be some negative consequences for her or for the relationship.

Slave Collar

Think of this stage as the wedding ring: The ultimate commitment to BDSM and a symbol of a dom´s established ownership. At this stage, the likelihood of being permitted to remove the collar is slim to none. The slave collar is considered to be a symbol of permanence unless, of course, you manage to really piss your dom off!

Other types of collar include play collars, which may be used for a single role play or a short-term play; posture collars, which can serve up training and discipline through restricted movement; and day collars, which serve as a daily reminder of a sub´s relationship status when they are out with their BDSM community.

Although not as underground and mysterious as it once was (no thanks to the fashion industry cashing in on the concept), it is worthwhile speaking to someone and doing your research. If you find yourself at an event and you ask politely, most people will be happy to tell you more or help you to understand. What you should remember though, is that these collars are highly personal and should never be touched without explicit permission. Respecting the is the first step towards earning it.

Sex Dolls: What You Need To Know


Do you want to reach a high level of orgasm during masturbation? Then, why not have a sex doll as your partner in bed. A sex doll or blow up doll has the shape and features of a sex partner. You can see a mouth, anus, vagina and even a big dick! The parts of these sex dolls are vibrating and are interchangeable.

So, it fits your preference in giving you a pleasurable time. The sex doll vibrates that adds to the excitement while you’re touching your cock. Imagine a cold night in bed with a sex doll. This sex toy would surely spice up your night.

Get ready to feel an extreme orgasm as a sex doll would heat up your night. You would certainly moan with joy while the precious juice from the penis comes out!

Since there is a variety of sex dolls in the market, you can select which doll material you want. You can select a silicone, TPE or a rubber doll.  The selection depends on your choice.

But, you would be surprised that sex dolls offer more than an aid for your masturbation. Any guess?

Here are the other reasons why you need a sex doll in bed:

Image result for sex doll

Allows Great Stimulation

I guess watching a porn video isn’t enough anymore.  More people are using sex dolls as their sexual partner. Oh yes! The fun starts when you hold your penis and enjoy! People can experience a pleasurable time they never felt before.

A sex doll would take care of that. So, be ready and savor the best night of your life with a sex doll.

Improves Sex Performance 

So, your girlfriend doesn’t like the sex positions you’re doing? Don’t worry about it buddy! You can level up your performance by using a sex doll. You can experiment on the right and unique moves that your sweetheart would love.

The sex doll allows you to be adventurous and wild in bed so fucking hard! Who knows, you might sleep with the sex doll more than your girlfriend. I’m just kidding!

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Ejaculation and Orgasm Control

Are you having problems with premature ejaculation every time you have sex? Don’t blame yourself too much! You can have improvement by using a sex doll. You can control your orgasm by experimenting with the sex doll.

You would be relieved to find out that session you have with the doll is extreme. You take the chance and solve your sex issues today in using a sex doll. You might be a sex expert and give your partner a great time.

Sex Freedom

Don’t be a bad boy when you’re girlfriend is away! You can still have sex – with a sex doll that is. This sex device is ideal if you want to have a pleasurable time. Think: you would have a high-level orgasm without cheating on your girl.

The sex doll gives you the freedom to enjoy sex at the best level possible. You might even learn a few moves in using the doll. Now, that’s satisfaction that you wouldn’t forget. Why take a sex doll now and see the results it can give you.

Remember: you choose high-quality materials such as silicone. For sure, you can have a pleasurable time!

Fulfill Your Sex Drive

Don’t be guilty if you’re libido is higher than your partner. You can have sex with a doll if she doesn’t want to do it. Here, you don’t resort in cheating your wife or girlfriend. You let your imaginations sink in, and the fun is yours.

The sex doll is a great alternative to for you to discover sex moves that you haven’t done before. Your partner would be surprised the improvement you would make in your next sex. She might even get jealous and have sex with you each night.

You Get Pleasure and Comfort 

One thing is for sure: you wouldn’t feel exhausted in using a sex doll.  Why? Since its parts are interchangeable, you don’t have to hold firm on something when you ejaculate. Usually, you can get exhausted when you’re about to climax. 

Say goodbye to an exhausting moment because it wouldn’t happen. The doll assures you that you would be comfortable in using it. There’s no pain here but only pleasure. Come and give a sex doll a try!

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