For some people, it is difficult to understand the appeal of bringing your inner child out in the bedroom. Hopefully, this article can clear up any questions you have about the idea – and you might want even to give it a go. Not to be confused with Adult Baby/ Diaper Lover (ABDL) practices, littles in DDLG have more emotional and physical investment in this particular kind of submission.

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What’s A Little?

A little is someone who takes on the persona of someone much younger, usually for a few hours or so. When they are in character, they can be found in what is known as their ´little space´ and this space provides a platform for them to be submissive to their daddy dom. This power dynamic most commonly plays out in the Daddy Dom/ Little Girl (DDLG) subcategory of BDSM. However, it doesn’t necessarily involve sex.

What Do They Do In Little Space?

When they are in this space, the little might wear childlike clothes (e.g., unicorn pajamas or a mini mouse dress), carry around childlike toys (e.g., teddy bears) and may even talk in a high pitched or childlike voice (they might also add in a playful lisp). Space allows them to throw tantrums or to get hyper, and due to the nature of the play, you might find that they are generally quite needy little middens. Their primary goal is to be childlike, so they no longer think as an adult would. Some might be shy; some might be the opposite – it all depends what kind of persona you want to adopt in your space.

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What Ages?

Littles can be aged from toddlers to pre-teens, and this can be fixed or fall within a range (e.g., between 3-5). Of course, there are those who are age players and those who are not. For the latter, it is about a permanent mindset and more of a lifestyle choice, whereas others can turn their little on and off. They do so depending on where they are, who they are with and perhaps even what time of day it is.  
Not quite as young as adult babies, it is more common in the older littles (i.e., those closer to 11 than 2) for the play to become sexualized. This is when bondage and other BDSM activities may be introduced.

What Do They Wear?

The childlike persona may be shared through clothing or their behavior. They might wear short skirts, animal prints (we’re not talking leopard print here) or they might be watching cartoons, playing with dolls or working through a coloring book.